All round entertainer for Care Homes and Nursing Homes!

Vocalist and musician, Ukulele Henry is an entertainer covering a wide range of songs from yesteryear sing-a-longs right through to the present day!

Ukulele Henry has been entertaining people with alzheimer’s and dementia for some years now and has also seen for himself the transformation of people who may appear to be in a vegetative state. ‘Even when someone can no longer talk, music becomes an avenue for communication and engagement. It seems to access parts of the brain that remain unaffected by the ravages of dementia.’

Henry’s ambition is to keep a smile on people’s faces as they recall some musical memories. Henry’s performances are Top Class Entertainment; he is experienced in the art of entertaining the elderly, guaranteed to lift the spirit of your residents. An entertainer experienced in bringing a smile to the faces of our care home residents, he makes a positive contribution to our range of activity programmes and social events.

There are many benefits for providing musical entertainment in care homes, not only offering sing-along opportunities but allows the residents to socialise, move, tap their feet and really enjoy the music. It helps the residents and our carers feel that life is worthwhile.

Arrange a visit to Meadowbrook Manor and see how we can tailor our services based on the care that you require.

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