ZooLab are the UK’s #1 ethical hands on animal encounters

Zoolab amaze, educate and inspire tour residents through their ethical and engaging hands-on animal encounters. 

At Meadowbrook Manor we arrange for Zoolab attend our Care Home on a regular basis to offer Animal Therapy Sessions. These sessions help stimulate and engage whilst promoting mental wellbeing. Animal-assisted therapy is recognised as an occupational therapy. Animals bring people together and help people see things with a different perspective and teaches them how to cope in the most adverse situations. 

Their rewarding is all about making people’s lives better!

The Zoolab Rangers take care of over 57 different species of animals. The welfare of their animals is of utmost importance and will try and accommodate animal requests where possible.

The animals that our residents can expect to experience include:
Corn Snake
White Tree Frog 
Chilean Rose Tarantula 
Asian Forest Scorpion
Giant African Land Snail 
Giant African Millipede
Indian Stick Insect
Madagascar Hissing Cockroach
Bearded Dragon
Horsfield Tortoise
Leopard Gecko

Arrange a visit to Meadowbrook Manor and see how we can tailor our services based on the care that you require.

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