Dementia Care
  At Meadowbrook, we are committed to providing the unique and highly skilled care those living with dementia require, in order to maintain a fulfilling, safe and dignified lifestyle. We provide exceptional levels of care offering a dignified, supportive and extremely homely environment for each resident. The personal approach we take to care for our dementia clients has vastly improved the quality of life for those living with dementia; as well as offering great peace of mind for their families.  
 One of the techniques we employ here at Meadowbrook is to use our Life Story Book. This is a rewarding activity that involves looking at the past and present of an individual’s life it can have huge benefits as to understanding  individuals  emotions and engaging with them in a truly person centered way. Our toolkit offers a format for collecting information about the different stages of a person’s life and ideas as to the kind of thing you might want to include. The best examples we have seen use a variety of materials, photos, pictures from magazines and even objects.