Short term accommodation for those who require extra support

Respite Care is short term care that is available for people who require a little extra support whilst recovering from illness or an operation

Respite care is usually provided for two reasons – for those who may need a little extra support whilst recovering from an illness or operation but no longer require hospital care or it can be arranged to give the carer of someone who cannot look after themselves, a break.

Whatever the reason, we offer a fully inclusive environment to all of our residents and so we want them to thoroughly enjoy their respite stay. In fact – some residents enjoy it so much that they go on to make Meadowbrook their permanent home!

Staying at Meadowbrook is an opportunity to make new friends and be cared for by our friendly, reliable staff who are always on hand. We also offer a wide variety of recreation and leisure pursuits and also offer tasty home-cooked meals that are prepared in-house.

If you need help finding the right level of respite care in Garforth for your loved ones book a visit or contact us today.

Arrange a visit to Meadowbrook Manor and see how we can tailor our services based on the care that you require.

    Respite care, by its very nature is short-term residential care, but it’s a great way to sample our standard of care on offer so that if a resident does decide that they want to stay permanently, they have the reassurance that they will be living in a warm and welcoming environment.

    No matter how short or long a resident’s stay is – we aim to ensure that they maintain their independence and freedom of choice as much as possible whilst providing the security of round-the-clock support.

    Our respite care is offered to those in the Leeds and Garforth areas and short stays can be repeated as many times as required especially if the resident’s regular carer or family are often in need of a few weeks break. Caring for a loved one can be very challenging experience and respite allows the opportunity for time out where you can relax knowing that your loved one is still being cared for in a homely environment.

    A respite stay at Meadowbrook gives people the chance to be looked after and enjoy time in a new setting with friendly staff and other residents. It is an excellent environment in which to recover from a fall, illness or operation when hospital care is no longer needed and it also provides the opportunity for a “trial run” to see if Meadowcroft could be the longer term choice for them.

    To Beverley & all staff,

    Thank You. With grateful thanks to you all for the care and kindness you have shown to Freda over the past eleven years. We know that she was very happy living at Meadowbrook Manor and we were content in the knowledge that she was being well looked after.

    Thank you all so much.

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