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High quality, professional Early Dementia Care, we understand that residents display thair own symptons and characteristics associated with their diagnosis

Suffering from dementia is often a frightening experience for sufferers and their families and can require unique and highly skilled care whether it’s in the early or advanced stages.

At Meadowbrook we are committed to providing this care to help every resident maintain their safety and dignity but still live an enriched lifestyle within their capabilities. All our staff create a supportive and extremely homely environment which can not only dramatically improve the quality of life for those living with dementia but offer peace of mind for their families too.

We know that there are three types of dementia – Alzheimer’s, vascular and mixed dementia and that each resident will display their own individual symptoms and behaviors that they will need support with. It is often these behaviors that become so challenging that a sufferer can no longer be cared for at home leading to the difficult decision of considering residential dementia care but here at Meadowbrook we can provide the complex care that is so often required.

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    At Meadowbrook, we recognise that a resident’s needs will change as their condition progresses and we strive to continually provide your loved one with the quality of life that they deserve.

    Some of the challenges of living with dementia are a disordered perception of time. Some sufferers will find it hard to remember events that only happened a few hours ago but they can easily recall memories from the past. One of the techniques that is used by the staff at Meadowbrook is to use our Life Story Book.

    Both staff and residents find this a rewarding activity that involves looking at the past and present of a resident’s life as it can have huge benefits in understanding their individual emotions to help engage with them and truly get to know them despite their dementia. Our staff can use the Life Story Book as a “tool kit” to help collect information about the different stages of a person’s life and include things that have meaning for them to help orient them in the past and present time and bring them comfort. These could be objects, photographs and personal possessions that we encourage every resident to have to truly create a home from home environment.

    Staff at Meadowbrook Manor. We knew Jack was in good care in your hands and thank you for all the hardwork and dedication you gave.

    Jack’s sent you a pot. To thank you a lot. So enjoy a tea break. Eating Rose’s tasty cake.

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    Respite Care

    Residents may need additional support when recovering from an illness or operation or their usual carer may need a well-earned rest.

    Residential Care

    Many residents choose to live with us because they don’t want to live alone or shoulder the burden of maintaining their own home.